Radiator Services

Radiator Services

Coolant System Flush & Fill Service

Your car's cooling system maintains the operating temperature of the engine. Flushing and filling the system helps prevent overheating in summer, helps prevent freeze-up in winter, provides protection from rust and corrosion, and lubricates the water pump. Our service purges the entire cooling system including the heater and all hoses. This service takes approximately 30 minutes.

Wynn's Radiator Sealant

This service stops radiator and cooling system leaks, lubricates water pump seals, and prevents cooling system corrosion.

Wynn's Radiator Flush

This is Wynn's professional heavy duty universal cooling system flush. It removes rust and scale. It is also compatible with all cars and standard and extended life coolants. We recommend using both the Wynn's radiator Flush and Sealant with all Radiator Services to get the maximum results.

Wynn's Professional Oil System Cleaner and Conditioner

This product is formulated to safely dissolve and remove sludge and varnish, improve compression and reduce oil consumption. It also reduces contamination of new oil.

Wynn's 50/Plus Engine Additive

This treatment is designed for vehicles with over 50,000 miles on them. It extends engine life, reduces oil consumption and inhibits oil oxidation and deposit formation.

Slick 50

Slick 50 is a professional engine treatment designed to achieve maximum horsepower and ultimate performance from your vehicle. It revitalizes seals and helps oil leaks, cleans and prevents sludge. It enhances emissions systems to allow you better gas mileage.

Other Services

When your radiator reservoir is low we top it off for you for an additional minimal fee. We carry ALL antifreezes, including Dex-Cool extended life, Honda Antifreeze, Toyota Antifreeze and ALL others.

We also replace defective radiator caps for an additional cost.