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fuel services Fuel Injection System Service

Uncasville Quick Lube’s Fuel Injection Service is a three part chemical Fuel Injection Revitalizer kit by Mega Power. One bottle goes in the gas tank, one bottle goes in the engine oil, and the third bottle is metered in, making a chemical reaction that cleans out the whole Fuel Injection System including the Catalytic Converter. This eliminates moisture and water in gas lines and eliminates Carbon build up on the valves. Allowing the fuel to be misted into the combustion chamber rather than squirting or spraying for better fuel consumption and smoother running engine.

It reduces stalling and rough idling, restores power, reduces exhaust emissions ( Which helps to pass State Emissions Inspections ) protects against rust and corrosion, and improves gas mileage. Recommended for Preventative Maintenance every 25,000 miles. It takes about 15 minutes to perform this service. The owners discovered this service while in Quick Lube Training in California and have sold many thousands of these over the last twenty years, proven to be a very effective and affordable service.